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MSC 10% off Coupon - US Site - MSC Cruises - Cruise Critic

Click that dark blue bar and a coupon code field will open where you can type it in. We you able to use it booking online? I tried Once they applied her number it took 5% off then was able to add the 10% code. She then was able to move us to the room we originally booked, not sure how she did it and then cancelled our old booking.

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Beware Of Chankanaab Coupons - Cozumel - Cruise Critic

Hi, I read about the $2 off coupons for Chankanaab Beach on various websites. We decided to give that a try. I was quite disappointed to arrive and find out that they needed to *KEEP* a photocopy of my ID before they would let me use the coupon. I understand that they need to verify the ID in ord

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Coupons or Discounts - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cruise

I’ve never gotten a coupon code but I have seen where to enter one too. Each card is 10% off with points. They offer e-cards that get emailed to you immediately or physical gift cards that are mailed to you (in about a week). Both aren't always available at the same time and sometimes they sell out of all cards, so you have to wait for more.

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Referral Coupon Thread- This is the only one! - Seabourn

We are UK resident new-to-Seabourn cruisers off to the Norwegian Fjords in the summer. Have read with interest the posts on referral coupons on this site and think I almost understand the system. So, does anyone have a coupon which we could use/share? Would at least help those of us who have to o

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Just off the Escape, new changes - Norwegian Cruise Line

We just off the Escape and discovered new changes since our Escape cruise in March of this year. There are no more beach towels left by an attendant for you in the cabin. We were informed by our cabin attendant this was implemented just 2 weeks ago. Now you have to go to the deck 16 pool area if

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20% off Spa Treatments Code - Carnival Cruise Lines

Just got an email for my upcoming cruise for 20% off select Spa Treatments if anyone is interested. The code is VSPA20 and expires 2/17/18. Thought I would pass it on. Here are the details: *Offer good on new online spa orders for qualifying treatments at during the promotional perio

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Coupon Savings Booklet - Holland America Line - Cruise

One time we booked with an on line big agency we got one. It was mostly spa coupons (10% /20% off) for specific services, a drink coupon buy one get one cheaper like happy hour, 10% off bottle of wine etc. Pretty disappointing.

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Shore Excursion coupon/promo code? - Saving Money on Your

My travel agency recommends THE SHORE EXCURSIONS GROUP where there are no waiting lists and best of all, they take coupons! At the online check out, there is a box to enter coupon or promo codes so now I just need to find one! I've searched online and messaged my travel agent in search of promo codes but no luck.

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Excursion promo code - Carnival Cruise Lines - Cruise

I know this is an old thread but there was a 20% (I think?) coupon code they had on Black Friday for either spa services or Carnival excursions. If you're looking at excursions, I'd also recommend looking at private/independent vendors at your ports of call outside of the cruise line. You can save 20% or more.

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NY Parking at pier coupon - Norwegian Cruise Line - Cruise

I know I have come across them in the past on here, but doing a search came up empty. Does anyone have a link or coupon for the parking lot at the NY Pier terminal? Thinking were going to drive and park for our upcoming cruise as opposed to Uber. Thanks, Mike

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