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Stepped coupon bond financial definition of stepped coupon


A bond with interest coupons that change to predetermined levels on specific dates. Thus, a stepped coupon bond might pay 9% interest for the first 5 years after issue and then step up the interest every fifth year until maturity.

Actived: 7 days ago

Step-Up Bond - Investopedia


A bond that pays an initial coupon rate for the first period, and then a higher coupon rate for the following periods. A step-up bond is one in which subsequent future coupon payments are received at a higher, predetermined amount than previous or current periods.

Actived: 14 years ago

What Do I Need to Know About Step-Up Bonds? | Finance - Zacks


What Do I Need to Know About Step-Up Bonds? One-step bonds have their coupon payment stepped up once during the life of the bond. Stepping Up or Stepping Off?

Actived: 7 days ago

Yield to maturity of bond with stepped coupons - MATLAB


Yield = stepcpnyield computes the yield to maturity of bonds with stepped coupons given the price. The function supports any number of conversion dates.

Actived: 13 days ago

Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms


Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms stepped coupon bonds Bonds on which the fixed interest rate periodically changes (generally by increasing) over their life on specified dates and at specified interest rates.

Actived: 6 days ago

5.125 Stepped Coupon Bonds - SunGard


bid/off spread% 0.000 pep status.. security no: 912001scb a stepped coupon bond bond code .1 1st pwdn date.. accr meth.a accr opt. int pur.

Actived: 9 days ago

Cash flow amounts and times for bonds and stepped coupons


Cash flow amounts and times for bonds and stepped coupons . collapse all in page. Syntax [CFlows,CDates,CTimes] = stepcpncfamounts

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Step Coupon Definition 2018 - Coupons 2018 Blog


No brainer. Hot off the presses $50 off $95+ when you sign up This discount was redeemed 19 times. Last tried by Erica 3 days ago. Added by Sara 5 days ago. What is Step-up Bond? definition and meaning Definition of step-up bond: A bond that pays one coupon rate for an initial period followed […]

Actived: 2 days ago

Bond (finance) - Wikipedia


Fixed rate bonds have a coupon that remains constant throughout the life of the bond. A variation are stepped-coupon the company can choose to pay off the bond

Actived: 7 days ago

Are step-up bonds good protection against rising rates


Step-up bonds may seem like a good Are step-up bonds good protection against rising rates? A plain vanilla bond has a single coupon rate to compare to

Actived: 4 years ago

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