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Transfers & Promotions Policy - Human Resources


Staff who are changing supervisors due to a transfer or promotion occurring more than six months into the performance period should receive an up-to-date performance evaluation at the time of transfer. This performance evaluation will be forwarded to the new supervisor to use as a reference in completing the annual performance evaluation.

Actived: 7 days ago

Promotion and Transfer // Office of Human Resources


Transfer within a division/college may follow this protocol but are not required to do so. How to Apply. Employees eligible to apply for promotion or transfer under the criteria stated above may view job postings and apply on-line at

Actived: 6 days ago

Promotion Transfer Policy | Employment | Human Resources


Promotion / Transfer Policy "No Transfer" Policy. A transfer or promotion within the same department is permissible, if the transfer does not result in a change in the immediate supervisor and the employee meets the required qualifications for the position.

Actived: 8 days ago

Promotions and Transfers Policy - New York


Promotions and Transfers Policy - New York Policy Promotions and Transfers Policy - New York Promotion or transfer to a covered position within an employee’s school or unit. An employee is eligible to apply at any time for a promotion or transfer to a covered position within his or her school or unit.

Actived: 7 years ago

Promotion/Transfer Policy For Regular Classified Employees


The purpose of the Promotion/Transfer Policy is to provide greater opportunities for promotion from within and to improve the upward mobility potential for qualified U.T. staff. The policy is designed to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and job applicants.

Actived: 16 days ago

Promotions and Transfers - HR Policy 111


Policy 111 – Promotions and Transfers Date Issued: 03/93 Date Revised: 06/16. There are two types of promotions and transfers: internal and interdepartmental. An internal promotion is a move to a position of a higher grade level within the same department or work unit.

Actived: 5 years ago

Transfer, Promotion and Job Change (20.021) | Policies


A transfer will not normally result in a change in compensation. Promotion: A promotion is a move by an employee to a vacant position at a higher grade level either within the current department or in a new department. Promotions generally result in a salary increase at the time of promotion.

Actived: 6 months ago

203 Promotions and Transfers | Policies


When an employee moves to another position at the University, the move is classified as either a promotion or a transfer. A promotion occurs when an employee moves to a position that is at a higher salary grade. A transfer occurs when an employee moves to a position that is at the same or lower salary grade. 203.1 Eligibility

Actived: 6 months ago

Transfers and Promotions - HRINZ


Transfers & Promotions. It is important that your organisation has a good policy in regard to transfers and promotions. The policy must have a clear, fair and transparent process that applies to all employees within the organisation. A transfer requires employees to change the work group, workplace or unit.

Actived: 11 days ago

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