Five Online Courses to Learn at Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

Bunked up at home for the next couple of weeks? Take an online course and learn some new skills now. Here are five discount online courses to do at home now. 


A lot of people are stuck inside at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not an easy thing to adjust to. That being said, it could be more of a blessing than a curse. If you’re at home and looking for something to do, then here’s our recommendation: take an online course. 


You can expand your skills and go back to work with a new-found confidence, or even start looking at a career change to bring new fruits and new challenges to the table. 

Five online courses to learn at home during the coronavirus outbreak 

A life spent continually learning is a life where you never get old. That might sound cliché, but on a more serious note, continually learning has been shown to increase your health and longevity in the long term. Here are five courses that you should consider studying while you’re self-isolating at home this month. 

We’ve made an effort to find ones that won’t break the bank, as we understand that times are tough for a lot of people right now. 

Five online courses to learn at home during the coronavirus outbreak

Entire MBA in One 

This MBA course is delivered by an award-winning professor and covers everything you’d need to know to start your own business. It’s rated as the top business course on Udemy and has more than 320,000 students enrolled. It’s also got 90% off at the moment! 

Writing with Flair

Being able to communicate your thoughts when writing is an essential skill that many people don’t possess. This writing course is taught by an ex-editor of the Wall Street Journal. It’s easy to follow and will no doubt improve your writing abilities. Shani Raja – the course professor – has been featured in Time and Business Insider and has trained journalists for major publications around the world. 

The course is just $18.99. Sign up now to take your writing and communication to the next level. 


Programming Foundations – Fundamentals 

This programming course is one LinkedIn Learning, which you can access for FREE for one month by activating the one-month free trial. Make sure that you cancel your free trial so as not to get billed at the end of the month. 

It teaches you the basics of how to code in any script, which is essential for beginning your journey into the future skills that will define the workforce of tomorrow. What’s best? It only takes two hours to complete! 

Python Essential Training

Another great programming course on LinkedIn Learning, the Python Essential Training course is an ideal follow up to the Foundations course. Python is a simple and versatile coding language used by Google, IBM, and Yahoo, and others. Getting to grips with this script will open the door to countless opportunities. 

You can do this course for free on LinkedIn Learning by activating the one-month free trial. 

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google 

This FREE 40-hour digital marketing course from Google is designed to open up the world to the ins and outs of how the platform works. It includes marketing, SEO, ad knowledge and much, much more. It’s quickly becoming a rite of passage for anyone interested in pursuing a career in digital marketing. 

To join this incredible free course, simply go to Google Partners, sign up, and join the course today. This is one that will certainly help you out in the future. Best thing? It includes certification FROM GOOGLE themselves. Now that’s a touch.