5 Ways To Get Smarter At Shopping Online At Corona Virus Time

The Coronavirus is a scary thought for many people. As the virus continues to wreak havoc around the world, more people are turning to online shopping. However, with a worldwide recession becoming a possibility as the world’s economies continue to decline it's important to get smarter about spending money.

Tip #1 - Don’t Panic Buy

While the possibility of being quarantined to your house is worrisome, there’s no need to panic buy items. The fact is, there are plenty of products for everyone. However, the scare of this virus is causing some people to buy more than they actually need. For this reason, items such as hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and face masks are nearly impossible to find - even online.

Don’t Panic Buy

Though it may seem hard to find these items, if you put a bit of thought in you’ll find them somewhere online. For example, if you’re looking for toilet paper it’s a great idea to check office supply stores. When it comes to hand sanitizer, there may be some left at certain body fragrance stores.

Tip #2 - Look Around for Discounts

From streaming sites to food delivery services, there are many companies offering discounts to help customers during the coronavirus. With more countries and states locking down their residents, many of these companies feel it will help entice people to stay home. The more people who stay home, the more we can limit the spread of the illness.

Moreover, even apparel stores are getting involved and offering coupon codes for discounts. Check out sites such as Aerie, Nordstrom, and Bodega for sales ranging from 25% up to 40% off clothing.

Look Around for Discounts

Tip #3 - Don’t Shop Just to Shop

While it may be boring being stuck at home the worst thing you can do is waste money shopping online for items you don’t need. This is a trap you don’t want to fall in. The truth is no one knows how long it will take for life to return to normal. Depending on what type of career you have, at some point, you may find yourself jobless before this is over. 

More than likely you have bills to pay, so if this happens you will wish you had the money back that you spent on items you really didn’t need. On the other hand, if your job is safe with all the discounts offered right now, it is a great way to pass time.

Don’t Shop Just to Shop

Tip #4 - Download Money Saving Apps

Download Money Saving Apps 

Regardless if you use Android or Apple, there are lots of money-saving apps for free download. In the app stores, you’ll find some apps made specifically for coupons. They are regularly updated with new coupon codes added daily in some cases.

Also, there are other apps that allow you to scan receipts to earn money-back or credit toward purchases on certain websites. Some receipt scanning apps also allow users to collect in-app coins and tickets. Once you’ve earned enough coins you can use them to buy gift cards for stores. The tickets are usually for entering sweepstakes.

Tip #5 - Look for Deals on Amazon

Look for Deals on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop for the entire year. They have nearly any type of product you can think of. For people who live in certain areas, they even offer “Amazon Fresh” which allows you to access produce, meat, and other grocery items delivered to your door. Our Amazon Discount Hunter tool is a great way to locate the item you’re looking for in your specified price range.

In the end, it may take months but the coronavirus and all of its panic will pass. Until it’s over be sure to shop smartly online and try not to overbuy products you don’t need.

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