5 Ways To Hunt Spring Clothing Deals 2020

Spring is one of the best times of the year to buy new clothes. Warmer weather means there’s a shift in the types of clothing that stores are offering for sale. Winter clothing becomes deeply discounted and stores begin putting warm weather clothes on sale to entice customers to buy them.

Sign Up for Store Emails

Store Emails

Email blasts are the best way to learn about upcoming spring clothing sales. Stores such as Nordstrom and Macy’s send emails to customers informing them of upcoming sales. This not only helps increase the foot traffic in their stores, but it also brings many shoppers to their websites. The best part is most of the stores still offer clearance or sale sections on their site.

In spring, you’ll find that most heavily discounted items on clearance are leftover winter clothes. While that may not be exactly what you’re looking for, it is a great time to stock up for the next winter.

Look for Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes

Anyone who buys merchandise online knows that every retailer includes a promotion/discount code box at checkout. Rather than skipping it and submitting your order anyway, spend a few minutes searching for a coupon code.

Perhaps the best places to buy clothes are from retailers that are trendy and affordable. This is because when you combine coupons with their already low prices you’re getting great deals. For instance, Forever21 is popular among younger people, and if you browse the internet for a few minutes you’re sure to find Forever21 coupons. Old Navy is another store that offers great regular prices but appeals to a much larger crowd of people. The same is true though, there are always Old Navy coupons available online.

Purchase Discounted Gift Cards

Gift Cards

When people receive gift cards that they don’t want as gifts they sell them on the secondary market. There are several websites that purchase such gift cards and then sell them to others at discounted prices. The discount for each card will depend on how popular the store is. So, like everything else, it goes by supply and demand. Yet, it’s not uncommon to find popular store gift cards such as Nike, H&M, and Kohl's at prices up to 20% off the face value of the gift card. Cardpool and Gift Card Granny are two great sites to check.

Purchase Clothing Styles that go Beyond Spring

Purchase Clothing Styles that go Beyond Spring

Getting the most out of your money means buying items you can use many times. The same goes for fashion. Why splurge on attire that will only be worn a few times when you can buy clothes suitable for the entire year? For instance, colors such as black and white never go out of style. In fact, these colors can pass for business attire or clothes to wear on a date. By purchasing clothes that last longer than one season, you will look good all year and save money in the process.

Skip Clothing that “Has Potential”

Skip Clothing that “Has Potential”

Many of us are guilty of buying clothes that we think we’ll wear one day. In other words, that cute top that you plan to wear when you’re tan or lose a few pounds. Most of the time items like this are bought just to hang in the closet forever. You will then find yourself returning to the store to find clothes you’ll actually wear. The best thing you can do while shopping for spring clothes is skip anything you don’t love. If you can’t see yourself wearing the item the same day do yourself a favor and keep shopping! 

In the end, there are many fashionable clothes available during spring. Just be sure to shop around and think longer term. Over time, you’ll save money and also build up a great collection of clothes that you can wear anytime.

Cashback sites are another great place to check for deals. Read the article “Top 5 Best Cashback Sites You Shouldn’t Shop Without in 2020” for more ideas on how to save money while shopping for spring.